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War Robots: The World After The Cataclysm

War Robots are more than just people killing each other using high-powered, ultra-tech mechs. It’s a world that experienced war which almost led to the extinction of humanity – save the rich conglomerates who had the insight to prepare. These powerful corporations managed to escape our poor planet’s destruction. Traveling to Mars, they’re now on the path to fulfill their ambitions on the Red Planet.

The Awakening of The New War

In the year 2142, Mars experienced the dreaded human desire for war as the conglomerates scramble for supremacy. Using robots as their primary weapons, they hired mercenaries and bounty hunters to do their dirty work in humanity’s new home. Their insatiable greed turned back to our former planet, hoping to seize a few of the artifacts left in the ruins. Five factions are vying for world conquest– each with their own plans for humanity’s future. As a pilot for these conglomerates, you will have a choice on which sides you’re willing to support. So study their history well, and know who your future masters are:


SpaceTech is one of the major supercorporations that left Earth before the Cataclysm. As one of the first escapees, they managed to secure the best locations for themselves– as well as a population that’s smarter and healthier than the rest.

  • Claim to Fame: first civilization on Mars
  • Mechs: Cossack, Dragons, Griffin, Raven, Vityaz
  • Notable Inventions: energy weapon, and flight drives

Defense & Security Conglomerate (DSC)

DSC, as its name suggests, was a global security and private military contractor back on Earth. Everyone who needed something to bolster up their defenses or strengthen their armies came knocking on their door. Unfortunately, a mutiny broke while they make their way to Mars. Since then, DSC has adopted a military way of life.

  • Claim to Fame: second to follow Spacetech in escaping to Mars
  • Mechs: Blitz, Bulwark, Carnage, Knights of Camelot, Invader, Rayker
  • Notable Inventions: Aegis and Absorber shields


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Icarus Technologies

Icarus was the Greek mythological figure who flew too close to the sun and had his wings melted. This corporation was leading in robotics AI when the Cataclysm happened. They didn’t start great on Mars as they arrived too late, but their experience with Ai worked in their favor against the harsh climate of the Martian South pole.

  • Claim to Fame: Landed soon after DCS
  • Mechs: Bulgasari, Kumiho, Gepard, Haechi, Pantheon, Schutze
  • Notable Inventions: Robot AI


In the past, EvoLife was famous for its work on genetic engineering and high-tech farming. When the Cataclysm happened, EvoLife appeared better equipped than others to deal with it. Instead of taking all of their people to Mars, they preferred to stay in their “Sanctuaries”– humanity’s haven on the post-apocalyptic Earth.

  • Claim to Fame: Technically never left Earth
  • Mechs: Bott, Mender, Ragnarok Squad, Weyland
  • Notable Inventions: corrosion and lockdown weapons, nanobots

Yan-di Ventures

The secretive Yan-di Ventures is unpredictable at best. While others prefer Earth and Mars, they remained in orbit via the Yan-di Space Station. Utilizing their cutting-edge technology, they managed to enjoy a life of luxury in their little space home.

  • Claim to Fame: Technologically-advanced Space Station
  • Mechs: Inquisitor, Hellburner, Mercury, Pursuer, Stalker, Spectre
  • Notable Inventions: Modules, power cells, stealth

Every single one of these conglomerates has visions for humanity’s future. Your job is to join the cause or serve whoever pays more. Just remember that once you step into the battlefield, there’s no turning back. So strap into your mech and play War Robots on PC now!