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War Robots: Choosing The Right Mech

War Robots Mech

Mars became the new home of mankind– and we took our warmongering disease with us. It’s now a place where giant mechanical robots devastate the land in every corner. Funded by rich and powerful corporations, your task is to jump inside these mechs and join the fray. However, the question remains– which robot will you choose.

Selecting The Proper Robot Partner

The game offers a wide selection of robots and some of them are free from the start. If you’re having trouble picking the right one then maybe this list will help you out:

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  • Hawk – This powerful SpaceTech machine is an anti-Titan weapon. It possesses a powerful transformation ability that turns it into a single devastating weapon. It also has a Reflector shield which offers some form of protection as it transforms.
  • Scorpion – A product of Yan-di Ventures, Scorpion can teleport behind its opponents for a quick finish. It also possesses Damage-Over-Time effects that slowly eat away an opposing mech’s health points.
  • Nodens – A tanky support Titan made by EvoLive as its floating vessel of salvation. Its Active Support skill allows it buffs and repairs allies on the field. It also has a powerful Disposal skill that suppresses enemy damage outputs while dealing massive damage.
  • Ravana – This hunk of a robot is meant to take almost any form of damage. Its Transcendence skill allows it to speed up while remaining invulnerable to damages and negative buffs.
  • Nightingale – A support flight robot that provides healing to allies in the field. His Air Support ability hampers enemies by lowering their damage output while taking flight. His Suppression weapon skill also reduces enemy damage upon hit.
  • Cerberus – This agile robot can fire three energy charges against its enemy using the Blackout skill. It can also debuff the target upon hit. Despite being an assault robot, its Aegis energy shield can temporarily block any form of weapon damage against it. Making it a formidable foe on the field.
  • Dragon – True to its name, SpaceTech’s Dragon Titan can fight on both land and air. Mainly a multiclass mech, it is an impenetrable fortress on-land and an unstoppable force on-air.
  • Arthur – Basically, an immovable mech. The Arthur Titan is the pride of the DSC. Its Phalanx Mode allows it to raise the most powerful shield in the game, and its Blast Wave skill is perfect to carve a path against enemies.

Every single one of these robots is a force to be reckoned with. Choosing one may not be enough, but you have to start somewhere. Selecting the right tool for the job is essential to your survival. So what are you waiting for? Your robots are waiting for you! Download War Robots on PC now!