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War Robots: A Serious Holiday Update

War Robots has been wreaking havoc in its mecha-infested battlefields since 2014. Developed by Pixonic, this third-person shooting game has garnered over 4 million digital downloads to-date! Players can enter a six-versus-six team deathmatch or a 12-mech free-for-all! You can choose from a wide selection of massive robots that have their own unique abilities and features.

You can also customize them by adding weapons, painting them with awesome skins, and even installing drones for awesome bonuses! War Robots doesn’t shy away from giving their fans the best PVP experience, especially with its current event. The devs decided to collaborate with another ground-breaking game franchise. One that takes the hull-busting, alien-crushing business to a whole new level.

A Very Serious Christmas War Event

On December 4, 2020, Pixonic released a video about their Christmas event. It featured their collaboration with the Serious Sam franchise along with some new content. The Serious Sam series was developed by Croteam and stars Sam “Serious” Stone. His story revolves around destroying a malevolent alien race called the Mental. The first title was released for PC in March 2001. The collaboration between War Robots and Serious Sam turned out to be a pleasant surprise for fans of both games. Pixonic and Croteam brought in new time-limited content exclusives to their online mech-shooting game.

The Serious Christmas Collaboration brings a new drone to the list. The Octanian drone is a tiny but menacing device that Serious Stam stole from the Mental army. There are no clues as to what it specifically does, all we know is that it can be devastating against your foes. Another feature worth mentioning is that Sam Stone himself is available as an event pilot for your mechs. So you’ll be able to cause serious harm against enemy robots and aliens alike.

war robots new update

New Christmas decorations have been added in the hangar too and will remain there until the duration of the event. You’d also want to take a look at the new Papamobile skin for the Hawk robot and the Biomechanioid Nucleon assault gun! If you’re going to destroy, then do so in style! But none of these compare to what lies in wait on the battlefield. Another menacing mechanical monster joins the battlefield, and it is as cunning as it is fast.

The Menacing Typhon Joins The Fray

A new robot joins the war for mechanical supremacy! Typhon is a devastating attack robot that specializes in mobility and enemy interference. It can temporarily stop enemy mechs in their tracks as it lay siege against them with powerful energy cannons. Typhon is equipped with a myriad of formidable abilities that allow it to control the battlefield while keeping damage to a minimum:

  • Blackout V2.0 – This ability allows Typhon to shoot three energy shots against an opponent that also disables their subsystems.
  • Lock-Down – This skill renders an enemy immobile.
  • Suppression – Debuffs enemy mechs’ damage down to 50%.
  • EMP – Silences enemy units and renders them unable to use their abilities.
  • Aegis – A powerful and impenetrable energy shield that no weapon can pierce through.

war robots typhon

Typhon’s legendary pilot is Louis Duncan. Known to be the kindest pilot in the War Robots universe, he can boost Typhon’s defense system under certain conditions. His skill Louis’ Precaution activates when Typhon loses 20% durability. Once up, all incoming damage will be reduced for three seconds. Louis’s background also dictates that he hasn’t said a word in his life. Players can expect to unravel the mystery behind Louis Duncan’s story through future updates in the year 2021. The awesome collaboration and the new mech can certainly spice things up as the battle rages on in War Robots.

A Better War Between Massive Robots

Fans of both Serious Sam and War Robots are certainly in for a wild ride in 2021. The collaboration event is up until January 12, 2021, so there’s still time for new players to join the fun! Aside from the new content, Pixonic also made it a point to fix bugs and incorporate Quality-of-Life changes into the game. One of the updates includes the availability of Quarker and Nucleon in the workshop. They also fixed some freeze cases on certain maps as well as reload animations for certain weapons. Players can also expect more surprises as the game evolves.

War Robots is a game that continues to deliver compelling and high-quality gameplay paired with engaging online events. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this awesome mech-shooter title. In fact, you can grab the game on your PC by using our free game download! Get access to full-screen PC gameplay and customizable keymaps! You can also check out the “How-to-play” section to get familiar with its controls! If you’re into giant robots and serious shooting action, then hop into the pilot seat and play War Robots now!