How To Play War Robots

Any mech player will jump at the chance to have a game they could carry in their pocket. The next best thing would be to have a great mech game available since they’re so scarce. War Robots is all that and more! This game is a third-person shooter with customizable giant robots! Re-fit these giant chunks of metal according to your play-style and become invincible!

Strategize your victory while on the battlefield. Anticipate surprise attacks, formulate the best tactical maneuvers, and foil your enemy’s plans all for fame and glory. Annihilate your opponents and capture their mechs – the only way to survive is to adapt and become the best.


Choose From Different Mech Models

The first step in joining an on-going war is choosing your weapon. Select from over 50 robot models with designs ranging from two-legged walkers, Robotech-inspired specs, to tanky spider walkers. Strap into the robot that resonates with your playstyle for maximum synergy! Your path to victory depends on it.


Be The Mech Fighter You Want To Be

While War Robots isn’t an open-world shooter game, you can still play and take on any role you want. Do you want to be the savior of humanity bent on restoring order?? Do you want to be a villain in a quest for world domination? Lastly, do you want to be just an annoying anomaly whose goal is to rain chaos on the battlefield? The world is your oyster, fulfill your destiny!


Source: YouTube


Customize Your Robots To Own The Battlefield

The giant mechs at your disposable can be customized at-will. Beef up their armor to take even the most devastating damages! You can also equip them with powerful weapons to strike fear into your opponents. Form your strongest mech and rain hell on your foes! That is the only way to play War Robots, and nothing more!


Play War Robots on PC For Free

Are you ready to prove yourself against other mecha pilots on the battlefield? Enhance the experience by playing the game on PC with improved graphics and customizable keymapping! Get the edge you need on the battlefield as you step away from unresponsive touch controls to the trusty keyboard and mouse! Just follow these simple steps and you’re on your way to conquering the battlefield!


  1. Hit the “Play For Free” button on the web page
  2. Click the downloaded program file on the bottom left corner of your chrome browser. You can also find it on your PC’s Downloads folder.
  3. Follow the installer’s instructions and wait for it to finish.

The game will automatically start once you’ve followed all protocols. To customize the controls just press F1 in-game and it should bring up the menu. There’s a pen icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. Hit that and you can now customize to your heart’s desire. So what are you waiting for, pilot? Join the battle for supremacy by playing War Robots on PC now!