War Robots: Everything You Need to Know

Mission briefed and we’re good to go. Strap in, commander! War Robots is the biggest shooter currently on the market today. Mech fans will enjoy piloting, customizing, and riding their mechanical hulks into battle. Join PvP fights against different rivals from all over the world while competing on epic battlefields.

Source: YouTube

Move out with righteous fury, but stay on your guard! There’s plenty of room for an ambush along the road. Strategize on the fly as you figure out your enemy’s tactics and counter them with your own. Fight for supremacy and upgrade your titanic robots to remain at the top! Become the last pilot standing and conquer the new world!

Moreover, you have a wide selection of robots at your disposal! Funded by five powerful conglomerates of the new world, you have access to the most technologically advanced weapons of war!

Prove your mettle as the best mech commander in the War Robots online universe. Enhance your robot-shooting experience by downloading this game on PC completely free! Get a load of improved graphics and fully customizable button controls! Do you think you’re up for it, commander? Prove your worth as a mecha pilot and play War Robots on PC now!